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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  July 24, 2021 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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citi launched the impact fund to invest in both women and entrepreneurs of color like me, so i can realize my vision and give everything i've got to my company, and my community. i got you. for the love of people. for the love of community. for the love of progress. citi. [gunshots] >> a frightening shooting in the nation's capital send diners running and the crime in major cities. welcome from washington. i'm griff jenkins. i'm jacqui heinrich. they'll be reducing gun violence in the city and lucas
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tomlinson has the story. >> people in the nation's capital are on edge following a shooting in an upscale neighborhood while many were dining outside and sent patrons scrambling. the d.c. police chief visited the crime scene. >> i'm mad as hell about this and i hope you all are, too. we want to help people, yes, we should, but you cannot coddle criminals. you cannot. >> chief, are calls to defund the police helping you? >> i don't think that those calls are helping. >> d.c. police released this video showing two suspects wanted in thursday night's shooting getting away in a getaway car. and they called it a war zone. violent criminals are not staying locked up. >> i see people doing violent crimes and i see them back in the community. and it breaks my heart. >> we need police now.
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we don't see them on bikes, we see them in cars. >> just last month, the mayor bowser wanted to cut funding for police and now she says she wants to see the department quote, use any overtime necessary to stop the recent spike in crime. it's not only happening in our nation's capital. according to data analytics, more than 4,000 murders in 73 cities so far this year, up more than 15% from this time last year. adding to the challenges facing chief conty here in d.c., he says he's over 200 police officers short and expects that number to grow. jacqui. griff: that's not good news, lucas. i'm stealing that. just as a resident here of 27 years, the story is unbelievable. and outrage in missouri after a st. louis judge dismisses three murder cases because the prosecutor did not show up to court. we have christina coleman live with more. hi, good afternoon, christina. >> hi, griff. yeah, well, this situation
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resulted in a murder suspect getting released from jail last week. well, last night that murder suspect, 30-year-old brandon campbell was arrested by the u.s. marshals just outside of st. louis. though he's back in custody there's outrage how the circuit attorney's office is operating. missouri governor mike par sons said, the dysfunction in the st. louis circuit attorney's office and unwillingness to take violent crime seriously has once more caused st. louis families justice. here is the reaction from the police. >> it hurts the policemen who put the cases together who are away from their families, hours and hours. the families of the victims that have to go through all of these court appearances just to get a day where a case is dropped. >> the st. louis circuit attorney's office also allowed a man accused of beating another man to death to plead out to involuntary manslaughter
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with eight years. the victim's mother expressing her disappointment. >> the prosecutor was in and of himself not prepared to handle my son's case. he seemed absolutely unaware, as he flipped through pages, what he was talking about. this is not my fault, he said. i was just handed your son's case and told to accept eight years and i'm just appalled. >> so a lot of frustration with st. louis circuit attorney kim gardner. i also spoke with a number of people from st. louis, including advocates for crime victims and while they all decline to go on camera, they say these legal challenges are extremely painful for the families of these victims who just want justice. griff: one can only imagine.
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christina coleman, thank you. jacqui. jacqui: more on this, we'll bring in the republican congressman from missouri jason smith. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. jacqui: so we've had three accused murderers allowed to walk free because of prosecutors are absent or unprepared for these cases. how does this happen? >> it's unacceptable, there's no excuse for it. the fact that the prosecutors in the city of st. louis are more focused on enforcing mask mandates on citizens who have been vaccinated and not following the science and actually going out and cleaning up the streets and putting murderers in jail is unacceptable. this prosecutor and so many other prosecutors across this country, whether it's in san francisco, washington d.c., they care more about woke liberal defunding the police strategies and they do about
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making sure that murderers are locked up permanently. we have to clean up our streets. we have to stop allowing prosecutors knocking the legs out from law enforcement and making sure we're enforcing the law of the land. jacqui: the lead prosecutor was on maternity leave and she was assigned to 20 or so cases, as a result a prosecutor didn't show up for three of them. she says she wasn't aware that she was assigned and quit because of this according to reports, but does this seem like an oversight to you or some kind of intentional delay of prosecution? >> it's clearly not an oversight. it's just a failure of duties and responsibilities. and whenever a county prosecutor in the state of missouri fills their duty, guess what happens? the attorney general of the united states could remove them and whenever someone with their
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elected duties, they should be removed. >> i want to turn to washington d.c. and infrastructure. the department expects to have text for a monday vote. what are your colleagues in the house feeling as this deal gets closer to its final form? >> we are in a hostage situation. a couple of weeks ago you had several republican and democrat senators down at the white house, they came up with a bipartisan infrastructure package, but just a couple hours later you had the president of the united states come out and say, wait, i'll veto this bipartisan infrastructure package if you don't pass an accompanying reconciliation bill that funds all of my progressive wish list items which adds to almost $4 trillion. amity for illegal immigrants, eliminating state right to work laws. you could just-- you can't even add up. tax breaks for the wealthy and
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tax increases on job creators and working class families. that is what they want in a prior reconciliation package and then two days later you had the president come out and say, oh, wait, we do want a bipartisan infrastructure package, but during the whole tile you have speaker pelosi saying i will not support or will not allow a vote on a bipartisan infrastructure package unless i get my progressive wish list. it's a hostage situation right now. i and you did mention the president did walk back and clarify that statement and didn't intend to give off the idea he would veto this bipartisan bill they had just worked for hard for if it came to his desk, but hoped reconciliation would be in tandem. and house speaker pelosi, she says even if it passes she's not going to take it up in the house unless the senate passes that multi-trillion dollar
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reconciliation package. there's no telling how long that could take. what are your thoughts on that? >> jacqui, that's why i say it is a hostage situation. we had a bipartisan agreement on funding roads and bridges, locks, dams and ports. the people of missouri want infrastructure. i have folks in my district that, you know, you have-- they don't have a g of internet service, you have people on the east and west coast saying they want 5g. we want a g and you have nancy pelosi holding up the entire infrastructure package because she wants amnesty for 10 million illegal citizens. she wants tax breaks for her wealthiest donors and friends? it's inacceptable. the hostage situation by speaker pelosi needs to stop. jacqui: so you're saying if pelosi backs off her plan to hold this bipartisan bill and takes it up, you think that
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republicans have vote for it? >> republicans and democrats will vote for an infrastructure package that funds roads, bridges, locks, dams and broadband. they're not going to vote for a progressive wish list items that provides 10 million individuals with amnesty who are illegal. that's going to increase taxes on job creators to make it higher than that of communist china. they're not going to do that. they will fund roads, and bridges and locks and dams and that's what the american people want. they doesn't want all of these other woke liberal ideas. jacqui: okay. and congressman jason smith, thank you for being with us. i will continue to follow that. >> thank you, jacqui. jacqui: coming up, we'll talk to a congressman from california member of the mouse financial services committee brad sherman about his party's priorities as congress prepares for the august break.
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>> some areas now reinstating mask mandates and intensifying their vaccination push as covid cases climb back up. charles watson joins us live with the latest, good afternoon, charles. >> hey, good afternoon, griff. every single state in the country is seeing a rise in new covid cases as the delta variant tips-- continues to dominate. st. louis county, for example, is mandating everyone over age five is having everyone wear a mask indoors regardless of vaccination. and indoor mask wearing for everyone. >> i'm vaccinated. i vaccinated for a reason to not have to wear a mask, but, i don't know. >> i think it's easier to understand that we're going to need to do this because it's travelling around the world. and it's not just us.
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>> and getting vaccinated is the key. governor john bel edwards has been trying to make in louisiana, vaccination numbers are among the lowest. since monday nearly 17,000 new covid cases and the highest in the country and as they spike, governor kay ivey is laying that at the feet of those who refuse to get a shot. >> most folks have common sense. but the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. the unvaccinated folks are letting us down. >> and now, several large school districts, including chicago, atlanta, and austin say they will require all students and staff to wear masks indoor as they return to in-person learning contrary to the c.d.c. recommendcations who call for those unvaccinated right now to mask up.
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and they say those unvaccinated account for 97% of all new covid hospitalizations and 99% of all new deaths and keep in mind, children most under 12 are not yet eligible to get vaccinated. >> that's right, raising questions about those across the country and charles thank you. jacqui. jacqui: as migrants are surging at the border there's new numbers on just how many of them are refusing to get covid vaccines coming up next. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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9:18 am
this sector, more than 1600 have crossed and it's showing no signs of slowing up. bill has been doing amazing work on the border and he's in del rio rest of the rgv. >> good afternoon, here in del rio, the second busiest sector behind the rio grande valley, more than 900 apprehensions happening every single day and that's certainly what we've been witnessing all week long here. look at the video we shot. a group of 100 migrants at the border gate here and they've been coming from all over the world it's no longer just the northern triangle countries. most have been from haiti, cuba, talked to a guy from africa, ghana, senegal. india yesterday. the word is out around the world that apparently now is the time that people should start coming to the united states. that's what they believe. ultimately what happens with the group what we've seen every
9:19 am
day, border patrol opens up the gates and let everybody through and take them to processing centers and quickly released with nta's. a video from the mexican side of the border, an exclusive look from that cuidad acuna. and passports around the world, i.d.'s from around the world and trash all over the place, the river bank where people discard their stuff before they cross the rio grande and take a look from the mexican side of the border. their perspective as they're crossing illegally into the united states, walking across the rio grande and typically do it when the river is at its lowest and family units coming across. and sometimes led by coyotes and sometimes they make the trek themselves. they give themselves up to border patrol and the sheriff is worried what will happen when title 42 is dropped. >> it's gotten worse.
9:20 am
the numbers still keep coming, more boots on the ground now through dps and national guard so there's more, you know, there's more apprehensions taking place and i've been discussing that with some of our partners, and there's an increase in numbers coming across once title 42 ends. >> and griff, you were talking with the ongoing security concerns. take a look at this photo right here down in the rio grande valley, border patrol reporting in the last 48 hours they've apprehended three active members of ms-13. you can see one of their photos there just in this fiscal year alone the rio grande sector, 1600 criminal migrants. nothing is slowing down the video. the facts speak for themselves. back to you. >> bill one quick follow-up question. you've spent a lot of time there as have i. it seems now with the number of criminals coming across and the sheer numbers, i think about half of the country of haiti
9:21 am
has visited that border crossing in the last week, along with the new covid, is it your sense it's putting a greater sense than we've ever seen of the local officials trying to stop them? >> yeah, it absolutely is and some startling numbers in the rio grande valley, first two weeks of july alone, a staggering 900% increase of the number of migrants testing positive for covid in border patrol centers there. not just the migrants testing positive. more than 40 agents have tested positive. five border patrol agents are in the hospital and dozens quarantined. not only off the front line to do the processing because there are so many coming in, but they've been pulled off the line and that leaves less manpower here on the border and that means more people can slip through the cracks and come right into the country. griff: amazing job. bill in the border.
9:22 am
he'll bring us more as he gets it, thanks, bill. and later in our program, we'll get some perspective from tom holman, retired acting director of immigration and customs enforcement. you doesn't want to miss that, gentleman k. jacqui: griff, president biden spent time campaigning for a gubernatorial race. this as the white house celebrates the president's first six months in office and mark meredith is in wilmington with the latest. >> as you mentioned president biden was back on the campaign trail last night trying to help democrats keep the governor's mansion in virginia in blue hands. the president seemed thrilled to be back out speaking to the crowd and stumping for his long time friend terry mccauliffe, somebody already governor once before in virginia and the president sees it as a race to expand on his own economic agenda. >> folks, we're proposing a
9:23 am
blue collar, blueprints to rebuild america. once in american invested-- and i need a partner like terry who is not only respected in his state, but respected by governors all across america. >> but virginia voters are focusing on more than the economy. the debate over what should be caught in the commonwealth classrooms has engulfed this race with conservatives eager to campaign against teaching of critical race theory. the republican nominee in this race, glen young says that speaking out on this issue. >> we've seen polls that we're neck and neck, that's got everybody's attention, that something special is happening in virginia and we're going to turn virginia red. >> as for president biden, he's hard to believe, six months into his term and while he's facing questions about the economy, global threats and the pandemic, where things are from
9:24 am
voters. his approval rating did slip up a little in the last month 50% approving compared to 45% that disapprove and 5% have no opinion. but those numbers, of his approval dropped about six points from a month earlier, but the one slide doesn't tell the whole story when you broaden it out the president has strong support from democrats and you see he has decent support from independents, but this will be a factor into the mid term elections. jacqui: i want to ask you, the white house had negotiators on capitol hill to hash out the final details about this bipartisan infrastructure plan and the president wants this deal. he clarified several weeks ago he wouldn't veto it if it comes to his desk whout that reconciliation package that's polarizing for republicans. he's leaving it to congress. is there any indication that he'll push speaker pelosi,
9:25 am
because he's now six months into his administration. >> you're right the timing of this is very important because as time goes on he'll be talking about the mid terms and it will be for the democrats to push for anything headed into the elections. the question what is speak he pelosi going to do. she wanted to make sure both bills come out of the senate before she could take care of this in the house and you asked whether or not the president is going to have to nudge her in that direction, i don't think so, because pelosi, the speaker would like to see this legislation pass and wants a win for the white house. and even if they send different messages at the same time. >> all right, mark meredith. thank you for that report. griff: whether they'll look at how patients in new york nursing homes with treated during the pandemic next. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein
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>> the justice department is dropping a probe into whether new york governor andrew cuomo violated the rights of nursing homes residents early in the coronavirus pandemic. alex hogan is following the story for us live from new york. >> hi, jacqui. the u.s. department of justice is declining to take on the issue after reviewing the issue provided by the state and the doj responded in a writing, based on the review we have decided know the to open a civil rights of institutionalized persons act investigation on any public facility in new york, pennsylvania, michigan, at this time. the u.s. represent stepanek says that it makes president biden complicit in the coverup death of vulnerable seniors. and for months, they looked at
9:31 am
the policy to send recovering patients into nursing homes and more criticism when the state attorney general released a report finding cuomo's administration withheld the true number of deaths in these facilities. family members who had hoped for this investigation say this latest news comes as a blow. among them fox meteorologist janice dean who lost both of her in-laws during the pandemic and spoke about this news this morning. >> why did they have that controversial order in the first place? to put covid positive patients into nursing homes? our most vulnerable population. they'll never know the answers to that. i feel like we lost them all over again yesterday. >> and the doj's letter, however, did state that there is an ongoing investigation into two nursing homes in new jersey being conducted by the civil rights division and the u.s. attorney's office for the district of new jersey. jacqui. jacqui: alex hogan live for us
9:32 am
in new york. thank you for that. griff: nearly every major city in america now seeing a spike in violent crime as attorney general merrick garland vows to crack down on gun trafficking. for the situation in his state, we'll bring in a democratic congressman from california member of the house financial services committee, brad sherman. congressman, thank you for taking time and we've got to get to the infrastructure, but crime is on the minds of a lot of americans and coast to coast and you saw the horrific shooting in the 14th street area, restaurants where a lot of people go. all the way out to california you've got the shoplifting. what is your sense about this situation? >> covid has upset everything in our society and has pulled the social fabric apart. that's-- i look forward to getting back to normal, especially when we can get almost everyone vaccinated. that being said, the some extreme voices in the
9:33 am
democratic party are quoted as saying, defund the police, but hundreds of my republican colleagues have voted to defund the police. you see, in our society, police are paid for by cities. griff: how is that, sir? let me stop you. >> it's simple. city governments spend the lion's share of their budget on police. city budgets were in a tailspin because of lost revenue because of covid, particularly when people weren't in the stores and weren't at the restaurants and were not saying sales tax. when city budgets had that tailspin and were looking to defund police, and defund everything else that cities do, democrats stepped up and made sure that cities could continue operations and their number one operation, police. griff: all right. well, so if you follow the dots there, i'm not sure everyone makes that same connection, but let me-- >> it's very simple, griff.
9:34 am
if you don't fund cities, you can't fund police, police work for cities. griff: congressman, let me play a sound bite for you in the last segment, couple segments ago we had your colleague, a republican member jason smith who says the blame on rising crime is really on what he calls the woke liberals and failure to prosecute these crimes. take a listen and i want to get your reaction. >> this prosecutor and so many other prosecutors across it this country whether it's san francisco, washington d.c., they care more about woke liberal defunding the police strategies than they do about making sure that murderers are locked up permanently. griff: your reaction, sir? >> well, we have a couple of places in the country where prosecutors have taken a particular turn, but we see, as you said and when you started this segment, a rise in crime in all of our cities. so it's clear that this rise in
9:35 am
crime is not confined to those cities that have had a change in their prosecutorial policies. the rise in crime has come in part, in significant part because of these psychological and physical and economic effects of covid and if we get vaccinated we can put that behind us. griff: congressman, let's turn the topic a little bit because i did promise infrastructure and we've got to get into it because it looks like there may be a bipartisan deal as relates to physical infrastructure, possibly on monday, but yet, a lot of republicans saying that it is a, quote, hostage situation because spoker pelosi will not take it up unless it also includes the three and a half trillion dollar budget reconciliation measure that includes things like climate change and child care. >> the fact is, it's hard to accuse pelosi of hostage taking when the hostage doesn't exist yet. the bill hasn't been written. when the bill is written and if
9:36 am
it passes the senate, we'll deal with it in the house, but my expectation is that we'll deal with two bills as a tandem. a reconciliation bill, pan a bipartisan bill. and we should deal with them in tandem. they're both focused on the same thing. they involve huge additional amounts of spending and it would be crazy to look at one bill while covering your eyes and not noticing that there's a second bill. the bills have to be part of an overall economic and infrastructure strategy. griff: so if i understand correctly, you're supporting your speaker, pelosi's vow to take up both and won't take up either until both come to the house. talk to me about timing. is that possible to get done before your august recess? >> well, i don't think the senate will act in time for us to deal -- what they're going to be voting on the senate does
9:37 am
not pass a bill over to us. in fact, this is an eight-year bill and taking eight weeks to take a look at it is not an undue delay. griff: and finally, is it your sense as the -- you're in the majority, house democrats, that you are frustrated, congressman, with the senate's lack of moving this quickly and that perhaps you should find another path? >> well, we have two paths where we don't get the first passed, we'll get the second passed. and the amount is what joe manchin is willing to vote for. ultimately house democrats will be disappointed that we're not getting everything that we wish to see. and i've been to virginia and know the politics a little bit and i understand until we get more democratic senators we will not get the level of progressive governors that i'd like. >> 10 seconds left. filibuster stays or goes?
9:38 am
>> mr. manchin and others made it plain that they plan to keep the filibuster. we're trying to get an exception carved for votings rights. so far it doesn't like like we can get that. democracy requires the repeal. filibuster, keep in mind that filibuster was harmful to trump agenda in 2017 and 2018. griff: thanks for your thoughts. coming up, marsha mccallum is in for chris wallace and she talks with jim banks kicked off the commission by speaker pelosi. check your list ngs for time and channel and our friend howie kurtz looks at covid vaccinations on media buzz, 11 a.m. eastern. >> making a push to vaccinate people. we'll ask dr. segal if it's enough to stop the spread.
9:39 am
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>> coronavirus cases are rising again across all 50 states as the delta variant tightens its grip. with us now to discuss, fox news contributor, ny langone, power of science, dr. mark segal. thank you for being with us. i want to show the latest data,
9:44 am
showing more than 43,000 new cases each day is happening in the u.s.ment 51% increase from the week before and the data is strikingly similar to the spike in june of 2020 that prompted mass lockdowns in the u.s. in your opinion if people don't get their vaccines, are we headed not more mask mandates, but possibly capacity limits in restaurants, public spaces, another economic shutdown? >> i don't think we'll go that far because of the fact that 57% of the united states is fully vaccinated of those eligible, but the problem is in the areas where vaccine uptake has been low and i'll talk to you about that, it's five states in particular at that really concern me. missouri, you know, has about 40% total vaccination, but the north and the south of the state are lower than 25%. not just missouri, arkansas, 30% total vaccination compliance. florida about 48%, but again,
9:45 am
different parts of the state, different responses. louisiana and nevada. those are the states where peer we're seeing the majority of the cases, the hospitalizations and here is why. because if you don't have the vaccine, jacqui, if you don't have the vaccine then you're at big risk for severe outcomes of covid-19 with the delta variant because studies out of scotland and elsewhere showing it's more severe, more virulent and spreads two to three times more spread, but later studies shows it makes you sicker even in younger people. if you're vaccinated, two shots of the mnra vaccine, and pfizer and moderna, a milder case or asymptomatic a huge difference between the force field. vaccine and not having it. jacqui: and getting people to get their vaccines has been a challenge for the white house, they're been struggling to, you
9:46 am
know, reach out to these communities with local trusted voices to try to encourage people who so far for whatever reason have resisted getting vaccinated. former white house covid advisor tweeted, your employer, college, school or your favorite venue can and should require vaccinations as a condition of entry. the only option not to would be a daily negative test. that's a step beyond what the white house is advising, but do you expect to see more companies and schools taking this position? so far it's been tough to get certain segments of the populations to get those vaccines. >> you know, legal scholars, including jonathan turley who has been on the air here, saying they they probably do that. let me tell you, i'm a doctor that gives out vaccines, that threatening and mandating doesn't work as well as what i call the conversation.
9:47 am
find out why the person is hesitant. using words of misinformation or moral responsibility or the science shows, all that's true by the way, but works better is protect yourself and protect your family. the virus is putting you at risk. it's putting your family at risk. do you want someone in your family that's immuno compromised to get this and end up in the hospital, god forbid. ask them what they're afraid of and their fears and worries are. that's the way to overcome it. the i don't think it the place of mandating it though of course a business can. the question about the emergency use authorization with that, legal scholars are mostly saying we can mandate it. i think we should try the conversation. jacqui: to your point when the f.d.a. approval finally comes out and hopefully that will address some concerns from the resistant population. there are reports the white house there he be ma booster
9:48 am
shots necessary for seniors or-- in some places. have you seen that? >> we're looking at people with cancer, auto immune diseases, and whether or not they need a shot. the general population seems to be well-covered against the delta variant. pfizer is working on a booster and presented data to the nih and had. hs and that doesn't convince them that the immunity is wearing off. as the vaccine goes on, it gives you better protection against the variants. there will come a time for boosters. we're not there yet. i agree with you, high risk targeted populations we should be thinking about that already. someone that had a transplant, maybe didn't make the immune response they needed. they're at a big risk, they're on immuno suppressants, that group we ought to consider
9:49 am
giving a boost to. and latest out of israel, the vaccine had 39% efficacy compared to 95% earlier in the year. of course it's still 90% effective against severe illness and death, you have to mention that, but this data, does it indicate to you that your protection gradually fades for that the virus is somehow getting smarter? >> it's not that the virus getting smarter, although the low vaccination rates in parts of the world like india and africa, 1%, jacqui. vaccination. they don't have the vaccines, makes me think more variants can emerge that will give us problems. in terms of the israel data, the key is protection against severe illness and hospitalization remains in place. we're not seeing 39% off two shots, we're seeing closer to-- >> we've got to leave it there. >> and it could wear off.
9:50 am
jacqui: we've run out of time. up against a break, we'll finish this conversation another time. doctor, thank you, dr. siegel. and for more information we'll be right back.
9:51 am
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>> well, the much anticipated olympic games kicking off on friday in tokyo a year after they were originally supposed to take place. and for the third time the shirtless flag bearer from the island nation of tonga returned with fanfare and oiled up and putting his physique on display there and become quite a stunt at the olympics if you will. he did it in rio and in 2018 in south korea. his team is peta and he's competing in tae kwon do. it makes a great viral moment. jacqui: it sure does. i could watch this tape a lot. that's all i'll say. [laughter] >> it wasn't the only thing that drew some attention to the guys that started now at that opening ceremony and also we saw one country, kazakhstan
9:55 am
decided to go maskless and raised eyebrows and before the olympics got started and had the guy-- here you go, the folks showing up with no masks and people for a good reason and some athletes testing positive and other athletes not make it go to the olympics because they tested positive. and someone jumping on the beds proving they weren't cardboard. and on day one, do you know how many gold medals, silver medals or the bronze medals the u.s. has? zero. jacqui: tell us. oh. griff: we haven't had a medal-less start in 49 years, the last time we started day one without any medals munich in 1972. and i'm hoping that surfing
9:56 am
will be-- >> you're all about that. and i can't imagine no spectators. griff: and talking to us about how difficult it is to compete without the roar of the crowd. jacqui: i wonder how much that affects you. griff: by the way i'm predicting the u.s. is going to bring home the most gold medals. the record for any nation for gold medals, the u.s. set it in 1984 at the olympics games. we're going to come back. america is a comeback kid. i'm rooting for you. jacqui: good luck. the number of covid cases are surging among people crossing our border and we're looking at shocking statistics next. for . 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here!
9:57 am
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number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. ♪♪ jacqui: a live aerial view of the u.s./mexico border where the surge of migrants shows no sign of slowing. our team on the ground is witnessing hundreds of illegal crossings in a single day. welcome to "fox news live" are from washington, i'm jacqui heinrich. griff: and i'm griff jenkins. concerns over the spread of covid as we have new numbers on testing for coronavirus. bill melugin is live in del rio with the latest. hi, bill. >> reporter: hey, griff, good afternoon to you. so all week long we've been
10:01 am
showing you video of hundreds of migrants arriving here anding being taken into border patrol custody, and what happens after that has been kind of murky. where are they all going? well, we got some brand new, exclusive video. take a look at this. this was shot by our drone team about 8:00 this morning at mcallen bus station. we witnessed border patrol dropping off hundreds of migrants at the bus station down there where they are given bus tickets to be driven pretty much wherever they want to go within the country. now, according to "the new york post," they cannot keep up with business down there at the bus station, the bus companies. there have been so many is illegal immigrants packing these buses, they're just let go and released with notice to appear in court documents, and they're being driven all over the place, and local residents are having to wait two days to get a bus ticket because the feds are buying up tickets the give these illegal immigrants to go, essentially, wherever they want. four bus companies down there have added six new daily routes
10:02 am
with a 250 new seats, and they still cannot keep up with business. border patrol after they process, after they're done processing them, they're just dropping off at bus stations, and they're just getting driven around the country. take a look at this video from del rio this morning because these arrivals are happening every single day, we've seen hundreds of them since we've been here the last week. this was a group of about 100 that arrived at the border this morning most of whom were haitians, but we talked to guys from africa, senegal, ghana, there was a guy from india yesterday, no longer just those northern triangle countries. board patrol opens -- border patrol opens the gate up, they put them in buses and vans, take them away from processing, and you kind of see what happens after that sometimes. we want to show you video from the mexican side of border. this is from across the river directly across from del rio where the river bank is scattered with pass posts from
10:03 am
around the world, id cards, trash. this is where the migrants get rid of all their stuff before they make the trek across the rio brand, and we've got video of that as well -- rio grande. they typically do it when it's running at its lowest. they'll just walk across and illegally enter the united states, most of them giving themselves up to border patrol in hopes they will be able to stay here. they're so overcapacity in holding centers, they just get let go with notice to appear documents. take a listen to what the local sheriff has to say. he says things are not improving down here. >> it's gotten worse. the numbers keep coming. there's more boots on the ground now through national guard, so there's more, you know, more apprehensions taking place. i've been discussing that with some of our partners, and there's going to be an increase in the numbers that'll be coming across once title 42 ends. >> reporter: and earlier this week an i.c.e. official confirmed to fox news that 30%
10:04 am
of i.c.e. detainees have refused the covid-19 vaccine while they are in i.c.e. custody. the latest numbers show that they currently have more than 1200 inmates, detainees, who have tested positive for covid-19. we'll send it back to you. griff: unbelievable numbers, bill melugin. keep it up, thank you. joining us now to discuss, fox news contributor tom homan. tom, thanks for taking time on saturday. let's get right to what you heard from bill down there in del rio about i.c.e., 30% of detainees refusing to take it, 1200 positive? >> yeah. they had 1200 in custody right now that are positive, but they've had over 7500 positive cases run through the i.c.e. program. and this is the ones we're getting custody of. most of these people coming across the border are not going into i.c.e. custody. they'ring being released all over the country.
10:05 am
at a time when this country's talking about remasking, like in l.a. they're talking about door the door vaccination checks. they want to hold americans accountable to this covid, and meanwhile with the northern border still shut down, the southern border's wide open. over 20 cbp officers have died from covid since we put them on the front lines, this administration doesn't care. griff: tom, let me put up on the screen the stats in the rgv sector. up 900% ins positive covid cases among detainees. 135 in just the first two two weeks. the chief there, brian hastings, says he 44 agents right now that are positive, 5 of which are in the hospital at this moment. but as you are fully well aware, these are the folks that have been detained. we don't know about the ones that entered that were not
10:06 am
apprehended. so the problem perhaps -- >> yes. griff: -- pervasive. >> well, it's pervasive, griff. the border patrol's already said approximately 1500 a days cape apprehension. day escape apprehension. these are people that don't want to be caught. why? because they're criminals, they're drug traffickers, they're trafficking women and children. these are people that don't want to get caught because they know if they get caught because of who they are, they will be detained. when you say a 1500 a day, there's already 300,000 gotaways approximately since biden became president. who are they? where are they? are they would-be terrorists, criminals, drug traffickers? we don't know, and that should scare the hell out of every american. griff: and we're getting some of the criminals, in fact in the rgv sector, more than 1600 criminal migrants have been apprehended. just in the past 48 hours, three
10:07 am
ms-13 gang members, known gang members, we know that because they self-identify, many claiming crimes in the -- committing crimes in the u.s., coming back across the border. and you said, tom, that the threat of criminal migrants is growing right now. >> absolutely. because they know the border's open. they know that 40%, 4 out of 10 border agents are no longer on the lines because they're dealing with the humanitarian crisis. if they caught that many, griff, how many didn't they catch? how many of that 300,000, you know, were criminals that got away? look, criminals and gang members also embed themselves into this, as a child, as a part of a family unit because when we did operation matador in new york city and long island, we arrested 475 gang members, mostly ms-13. and guess what? 42% of them, 42%, enter this country as an unaccompanieded alien child or a family group. it's just not who gets away,
10:08 am
it's about these family groups. they're not what they always, people always think they are. many of them are gang members and criminals. and 42% of gang members is a high number. and they'll embed themselves in these groups to get released. griff: tom, this week in a town hall president biden addressing the situation at the border. here's what he had to say. >> there were thousands of people in custody with the border patrol. it's now cut by 90%. we're -- it's considerably down. griff: considerably down. do you agree? >> well, congratulations, president biden. you're getting real good at releasing people quickly. that is what they're doing. yeah, there are less in border patrol custody because they're sending them to bus stations and airplanes, putting them across the country. i'll tell you what it is, it's an enticement for more people to come to the border illegally because they know the government, u.s. government
10:09 am
under president biden, will buy them a plane ticket, a bus ticket to get them to their final destination. this administration is complicit in the illegal activity on the -- griff: tom, why? why? why are they doing this? >> because it is open borders. they don't care about the crime, they don't care about the covid. this is an open borders agenda. president biden sold himself out to the progressive heft to win this election, and the progressive left is running the government. they're running congress, they're at the department of homeland security and the white house. and their agenda is to open these borders up regardless of the crime, the covid. 90,000 fentanyl overdose deaths already this year, 90% of those drugs come across the open southwest border according to the dea. dprif griff the drugs are a whole other part of this crisis. tom homan, thanks for the taking time today, on saturday, keep us posted, sir. >> thanks for firing me up. ♪
10:10 am
jacqui: the missouri governor is weighing in after three murder cases were dropped in the state because of the prosecutor didn't show up to court. christina coleman has the latest for us. >> reporter: missouri lawmakers are not holding back their frustration with how st. louis circuit attorney kim gardner's office is operating and the impact on families of crime victims. take a listen. >> this prosecutor and so many other prosecutors across this country whether it's in san francisco, washington, d.c., they care more about woke, liberal, defunding the police strategies than they do about making sure that murderers are locked up permanently. >> reporter: and missouri governor mike parson also said, quote: the dysfunction in the st. louis circuit attorney's office and its unwillingness to take violent crime seriously have once more cost st. louis families justice. local officers also say it's demoralizing. here's reaction from st. louis
10:11 am
police. >> it hurts the policemen who put these cases together who are away there if their families and hours and hours of putting these murder cases together. the families of the victims that have to go through all these court appearances and all these just to get a day where a case is dropped. >> reporter: and this murder suspect, 30-year-old brandon campbell, was arrested by the u.s. marshals last night. he was released after a st. louis city prosecutor failed to show up to three scheduled court hearings. she reportedly was on maternity leave and has since resigned. the st. louis circuit attorney's office released a statement saying in part that they will take corrective measures to prevent any repeat occurrence of the incident in question, but still a lot of people are upset over this including families of crime victims, local police officers and the governor. jacqui: christina coleman thank you for that. we'll be discussing the rising crime across the u.s. with our panel coming up. griff?
10:12 am
griff: a federal court on friday ruled in favor of florida in its lawsuit against the centers for disease control. the decision will allow florida cruise ships to set sail without any coronavirus restrictions. the court concluded the cdc failed to demonstrate the right to a pause pending appeal. and if you're looking for a cruise vacation, the walt disney company says they're resuming operations at u.s. ports next month. the disney dream you see here is set to ask depart for the bahamas from port canaveral, florida, on august 9th. disney cruises says they are not requiring passengers to be vaccinated, but they highly encourage it. jacqui: a shooting in washington reignites the debate over how to tackle the rising crime. our panel weighs in on the rising crime here in the capital and across the country after the break. ♪ i don't know.
10:13 am
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♪♪ griff: d.c. can may year muriel bowser saying the city is making, quote, significant investments to reduce gun violence after a string of high are profile shooting incidents. lucas tomlinson has more on the surge here in our nation's
10:17 am
capital as well as across the country. hi, lucas. >> reporter: hi, griff. d.c.'s mayor fired up. the police chief says he wants to put criminals away, not see them again for a long time. >> why is it that a guy who murders somebody is out in community afterringing having been arrested two or three month prior? what are we thinking? what did we think he was going to do? the recidivism rate for violent offenders is the highest we've seen anywhere, 87. >> reporter: just last month the mayor said she wanted to cut funding for police. now she wants the department to use, quote, any overtime necessary to stop the surge in crime. the mayor said the federal government bears some responsibility because they run the counts which are not operating at full capacity. quote: as of june 2021, there are 10,199 criminal cases pending. what does that lag in case
10:18 am
processing mean for our community? it means more people are arrested and immediately released. d.c. police posting this video showing two suspects leaving in the getaway car after thursday night's shooting. witnesses called it a war zone. local residents complained to d.c.'s police chief that violent criminals are not staying locked up. [inaudible conversations] >> reporter: the surge in crime not limit ared to our nation's capital. according to data analytics, there have been more than 4,000 murders in 73 cities this year, up more than 15% from this time a year ago. as if the chief's job wasn't tough enough, he's over 200
10:19 am
offers short and expects that number to grow. griff: lucas, great work with the chief. you were out there with our cameras rolling. just one follow-up question, that is about what you witnessed there. you were telling me about the marijuana situation, kind of telling in and of itself. >> reporter: as you've herald, griff, chief contee was fired up. he says if you don't think marijuana is linked to violent crime, think again. he started going into these little stash houses where marijuana's grown and sold, and there's a lot of murder that goes along with that. i was walking with him on that walk and talk with residents, and you heard how fired up people were. and just a week ago was that shooting outside nats park. game was postponed, thousands fleeing, many residents in washington are scared. but the city is resilient and walking around last night, people were back out at the restaurants which is a good sign, but people are afraid. griff: lucas tomlinson in washington, thanks.
10:20 am
jacqui: joining us now to discuss is alex vogel and kevin walling. thank you both so much for being with us. i appreciate your time. >> good to be with you. >> great to be here. jacqui: so muriel bowser has pledged significant investments in reducing gun violence, $214 million over the next two years, support for the formerly incarcerated, longer hours at rec centers and jobs for people at risk of gun violence. she also says d.c. police can use any overtime necessary, but i don't see anything in this let arer about hiring more police even after the plea last night from the d.c. police chief. he said he's down 200 officers. is this the right approach? i will go to you first, alex, and then i'll have kevin answer. >> well, it's a critical situation, and, you know, a long
10:21 am
way from defund the police, obviously. and i'm glad the at least hear the mayor acknowledging that there's an issue. but i'll be honest are with you, i think in the mid '90 when things were a lot worse in d.c., and over time they got really, d.c. and a lot of big cities, became very, very safe. it's super unfortunate that you have the rhetoric that has driven this9 and the lack of enforcement. you can't talk your way out of this problem, and they're going to have to do something. here in the nation's capital just in the last few weeks, first we had nats park, then the shooting on 14th street. it is literally out of control, and people are demanding answers. only police can stop this problem, and you need more of them on the streets. jacqui: kevin, your answer to that? >> we're in total agreement. i mean, for the second time in two weeks i've had to text friends and family to see if they're okay. i know you and alex know that area or well. so this is horrifying on the streets of d.c. this is why i'm so proud to be a
10:22 am
biden democrat who actually, you know, the president campaigned on more resource toes for police, delivered more resources in the american rescue plan passed with by democrats singularly in the congress that provides more resources to police because we need more community applicationinging, we need more cops on the beat. to the chief's point, we need 200 more officers. i hope the mayor will allocate more resources to hire those officer, train and is retain them to tackle this crime surge not just in washington, d.c., but mayors, county officials across the country who are dealing with this rise in violence. jacqui: to your point, the biden white house has been trying to get more vocal ant crime and i trying -- about crime and trying to make efforts more visible toward addressing this surge. but mayor bowser also blamed the courts saying the backlog is leading to people being arrested and released. she wrote, in january 2020 there were 5,707 cases pending in d.c.'s superior court. as of june 2021, there are 10,199 cases pending.
10:23 am
we heard a similar argument from the chicago mayor, lori lightfoot. she's dealing with a similar rise in crime. alex, is it fair to blame the courts? >> i don't think it is, and there's a lot of pass the buck here. we have not changed our court systems. what we have changed is the leadership and the political rhetoric around it. i do agree with kevin, and i'm glad, on the issue. i don't agree that the biden administration's efforts this far have even pretended to try and address this. the money that he's talking about for police was around can covid is. it is clear right now that the democratic party is in an anti-police mood. you've seen it across the country for the last year, and something has to be done. this is not the courts' problem, this is a leadership and a police problem, and the police need real support and real bodies on the streets. jacqui: kevin, your answer to that? >> yeah. the president campaigned on more resources for police. he has denied any of these defund movements.
10:24 am
he had a long backing of the police in my home state of delaware. his son was a chief law enforcement officer of our state. so this president knows well and has provided in the '90 when he moved here from d.c. more resources for police, so he is the exact right person leading the democratic party and this country to tackle this crisis. we need more resources for police and also for the department of justice and for local prosecutors and public defenders to make sure these violent criminals are off the streets. jacqui: i want to get to something else. police reform is stalled. there's conversation that it's likely dead. there's a divide between urban and rural police unions. broadly speaking, the urban groups where this crime is spiking, they want some kind of reform to rebuild trust between cops and communities. the rural unions don't think washington can solve this. is police reform necessary to address crime, alec, and then seven. >> well, i do think police reform is constructive and productive.
10:25 am
i don't think these negotiations are dead. i know that's been said. i saw senator scott pointing out the other day while working hard on in that it certainly doesn't look dead to him because he's working on it. so i think those conversations should continue. i think there are real differences in the way police departments at the urban level and the sheriffs frequently at the suburban and rural level look at these issues. but again, it's critical that we move ahead on this. we can't just do what's been done for the last year. jacqui: kevin in. >> to alex's point, he knows congress much more intimately than i do, but i think that's a good thing that it's fallen off the track in terms of police reform is not in the news which actually means it might happen. tim scott, cory booker, karen bass in congress are working on this, and i'm hoping we will get legislation in a bipartisan fashion. jacqui: all right.
10:26 am
thank you both so much for being with us. we'll talk to you again soon. >> thank you. griff: as several states see new spikes in covid infections, there is renewed concern over whether folks may need to mask up again. we'll have the latest numbers next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation.
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♪♪ griff: rise in covid cases causing some areas to reinstate mask mandates regardless of vaccination status as the dell the variant spreads. charles watson joins us live with the latest from atlanta. hi, charles. >> reporter: hi, griff. official cdc guidance recommends indoor mask wearing for those unvaccinated, but we've got cities and counties at the local level who are making their own calculations contrary to cdc guidelines. in fact, for example, st. louis county is mandating everyone over the age of 5 wear a mask
10:31 am
indoors regardless of vaccination status is. los angeles county is taking similar measures, and in philadelphia officials strongly recommending indoor mask wearing for everyone. several larging school districts including chicago, atlanta and austin say they will require all students and staff to wear masks as they return to in-person learning in the fall. however, in florida where 1 in 5 of all new covid cases are recorded, governor ron desantis says he's willing to call a special legislative session to reverse any mask mandates in schools. >> we need our kids to be able to be kids. we need them to be able to breathe. it's terribly uncomfortable for them to do it. there's not very much science behind it. >> reporter: and federal health officials say people who are unvaccinated account for 97% of all covid-related hospital visits and 99% of all covid related deaths.
10:32 am
and as the delta variant continues to show its dominance in places like louisiana where vaccinations are among the lowest in the country, the governor john bel edwards is warning of the consequence. >> what if you choose not to be vaccinated? i can assure you, and the numbers we just went through fully attest to this, you run an unreasonable risk of becoming infected, getting sick, going into the hospital and dying. >> reporter: and so far eight states have banned schools from requiring the covid vaccination or showing any proof of vaccination. supporters of those measures say it gives parents the choice to disease. griff? griff: charles watson live for us in atlanta. thank you. and for more information on covid vaccination sites near you, head to you can also find that link on our web site, ♪♪
10:33 am
jacqui: the doj says it will no longer investigate whether new york governor andrew cuomo violated the civil rights of nursing home residents with his controversial order earlier in the pandemic. alex hogan is following this story live from new york for us. hey, alex. >> reporter: the department of justice is also declining to open an investigation in new york, pennsylvania and michigan and new jersey involving two nursing home. the doj saying the investigation of veterans memorial home at menlo park and the veterans memorial home at paramus is being conducted jointly for the united states' attorney's office for the ticket of new jersey. meanwhile, there will be no further inquiry, at least right now, prompting fiery backlash from critics. house republican whip steve
10:34 am
scalise, who received one of the letters, writing: absolutely shameful. they are complicit in the democratic governors' cover-up. families who lost loved ones deserve better. and elise stefanik writing: tens of thousands of heart broken new yorkers are counting on us to deliver justice to their loved ones. we will never give up. governor andrew cuomo has faced backlash around the issue that centers around an order of march 25, 2020, which requiredded nursing homes to accept covid-19 patients. according to the report, cuomo's administration underreported the number of deaths by not including residents who died at the hospital. now, more than 15,000 people have died after contracting covid-19 in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, and it is a just in new york alone. jacqui: alex, i know you've been hearing from some of these families that were impacted by
10:35 am
the nursing home order. how are they reacting to all of this? >> reporter: yeah, hearing this news last night, it's really devastating for a lot of them. i've covered several rallies and protests of many of these family members getting together over the last year. all of them strangers, people who lost their moms, their dads, other loved ones. and at the beginning, it really was a way to come together as a sense of community. many of them never got the chance to say good-bye to their loved ones. among some of the people that we've seen are big advocates is fox news meteorologist janice dean, and she spoke about this this morning. >> why did they have that controversial order in the first place? to put covid-positive patients in a nursing home, our most vulnerable population. they'll never know the answers to that. i feel like we lost them all over again yesterday. >> reporter: and that's the same thing that we're hearing from a lot of others writing this morning that it just brings back
10:36 am
so much pain. this was the investigation, jacqui, they were hoping for. jacqui: alex hogan, thank you. friday griff as the world's top athletes compete, we'll get an inside look at what life is like inside the olympic village. our interview with a former u.s. to olympian coming up. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit,
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♪ griff: the 2021 olympic games are now underway in tokyo with some adjustments being made because of covid-19. here with an inside look is former 2016 olympic boxer and the wbo world champion michaela may her. you currently hold that title for super featherweight. it's great to have you particularly because you competed in rio in 2016 on team usa. give us some insight what it may be like in the olympic village. >> honestly, i competed in rio which was the first south american country to host the games, and in all honesty, they weren't ready. so it was a little bit underwhelming. there wasn't much going on in the to olympic village, that seems to be what they're experiencing as well. friday griff do you have any friends that you've been talking to or getting insight from? >> yep, my best friend is the
10:42 am
112-pounder on to olympic team right now, and i'm pretty close with all the guys on the team this year. i've gotten a little insight, they just started competing today, went 2-1ed today. other than that, i think mostly they're excited the games are even happening in the fest place. it was a really long wait and an uncertain oneing we didn't know if the games were going the take place, so they're just grateful to be there. griff: i can only imagine because, like yourself, to have this incredible god-given talent, you want to compete on this stage. let me ask you about the covid impact because, obviously, as we know, there are no spectators there. now, you fought in the ring, won titles. hearing that crowd keeping you going, how difficult do you think it is for the athletes this time to compete without the fans? >> well, i do believe that the people in the, the home people of japan are allowed to attend the games, but i know it must be
10:43 am
difficult to not have your friends and family there. i'm sure they wanted to experience the biggest tournament of their life with them. i told my friends to look at it as a blessing in disguise because sometimes there can be a lot of distractions, and it comes with friends and family, entertaining them, helping them with accommodations. so i say look at it as a blessing and just focus on your best performance and getting that medal, and that's all you have to do. griff: that is a good way of looking at it. now we know, unfortunately, more athletes have tested positive or tested positive and then couldn't make the trip to the games. overall, are you hearing -- how much are you hearing the that that is impacting them this. >> i know there's been a few positive tests that i've heard of. i mean, going into the games i know the u.s. boxing, the protocol in training camp was really strict. each person had to find their own accommodations for training
10:44 am
camps, and they were strict. they were staying at a hotel on lockdown, only allowed to leave for training sessions, constant testing, and, you know, they're probably used -- whatever they're experiencing in tokyo, i'm sure they're used to it because they were experiencing the same thing going in. i know personally it must be devastating to test positive going into a competition like this. as a pro, i tested positive a few fights back, and you miss out. for them this is, could be their last chance at an olympic medal, so i definitely feel for those athletes. griff: let me ask you about the protests as well. we are seeing some kneeling, one athlete partially turning their back on the flag. how do you feel about the protests and folks that are part of team usa turning their backs on the american flag? >> these are sensitive time right now. i believe that it's america and
10:45 am
everyone has freedom of speech, and everyone wants to speak up and say a what they believe in and try and stand for what means the most to them in their own way. i just try and sympathize with everyone and try to understand from their perspective what they might be going through, but, you know, i know that team usa loves their country, and they just is want what's best for us in the future. griff: and we need them to win some med ifals. i don't know if you saw, day one the u.s. came home with zero gold medals. chai's leading -- china's leading with three. how confident are you, how are you feeling about team usa this time? >> well, it's still early on. don't get too excited yet. it's still early on. we have a great team and not just boxing. i know we have a really solid boxing team, but just team usa in general, they always do great, they always come on top at the end, so give them a little time. they'll pull through.
10:46 am
griff: go, team usa. michaela mayer, thank you for giving us some insight into the olympics. >> thanks for having me. jacqui: reaction is pouring in over potential legislation that would force women to sign up for the draft for the first time in history. more on this when we come back. ♪ ♪ someone once told me, that i should get used to people staring. so i did. it's okay, you can stare. when you're a two-time gold medalist, it comes with the territory.
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♪ jacqui: it's within more than half a century since the last american was conscripted into the military, and now a new bill is proposing women be required to register for the draft. it is a piece of legislation that they are debating. it's been pitched by the chair of the armed services committee which i found to be interesting. the draft is no more, but young men are still required to register for the draft should that ever come back, and supporters of this bill are saying that should the draft ever come back, there would be a greater need for educated conscript ises in specialty fields like technology and cyber, also doctors and lawyers. of course, there are folks who are opposing it and i saying that, you know, they don't need to be forcing this on women and daughters. senator josh hawley spoke out
10:51 am
against that in particular. but women have been serving in all levels of the military, griff, since 2013 when the pentagon opened ground combat positions for women. the number of women -- this is an interesting stat here -- the number of female generals and admirals has more than doubled since 2000. there's been one woman to lead a military command, and women account for 7% of all ab -- active duty admirals and generals. griff: when i was embedded in iraq in 2003, a marine unit, amanda, a young woman who was part of our unit, was the gunner on one of the helicopters. she literally saved my life because we had a hard landing, and i was sliding off the a back of the thing. she grabs me, then after that year the year they got back won
10:52 am
the female marine award of the year, and god bless her. women have made amazing contributions in the military. if you look at -- we'll show you the stats. when the draft ended in 1973, women accounted for just 2 percent of the armed forces. however, in 2018 you look at it, it was 16%. but what senator hawley is saying is does that mean that we should send our wives and daughters and sisters to be forced to sign up to serve? jacqui: well, the draft is, you know, as you know, not active right now. it hasn't been for many, many years. but requiring young men to register for it is still something that is done. i found one point interesting. transgender women are still required to register for the draft. griff: how does that work? jacqui: so a person who was born male and has transitioned to female is still required from
10:53 am
the government to rebeller the for the -- register for the draft, but they don't require women who were born female to register currently. griff: i think it's going to be an interesting debate if this bill does see the today of light on the senate floor because you've got a lot of folks out there, i think, or that are going to have reservations about forcing women to register for the draft. we'll find out more on that perhaps in the coming weeks and months. meanwhile, opioid overdose deaths spikes across the curve -- spiking across the country while a large percentage of the drugs are traced to the southern border. bryan llenas joins us with more. >> reporter: fatal drug overdoses spiking to record levels in the u.s. last year, a majority of those deaths blamed on fentanyl, an opioids that is a hundred times more potent than morphine. approximately 90 percent of fentanyl-base laced --
10:54 am
fentanyl-laced drugs can be traced to the southern border. >> in terms of the major traffickers, they could care less. they're really just merchants of death. they don't care. >> reporter: once it's trafficked across the border, fentanyl makes it way often on produce trucks to new york city which has become a major distribution hub for the lethal drug. fentanyl seizures there are up 236% with 806 kilograms seize ised, enough to kill more than 400 million people. the special narcotics prosecutor in new york city saying lethal amounts of fentanyl are now being mixed into all major drugs including pills, meth, heroin and cocaine. >> it's coming in in very large volume. and so instead of just being mixed in with heroin now, it's being pre-pressed into pills that look just like pharmaceutical pills that you might buy from a manufacturer. >> reporter: drug overdoses in the city are up 22% in the last
10:55 am
year. 75% of those deaths involving fentanyl. >> it's finding its way into drug markets across the country where it hadn't been seen before. >> reporter: in the u.s. last year, more than 93,000 people died of a drug overdose. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. griff: and a lot of officials drawing a connection between the fentanyl crisis in this country to the border. i had one cbp official tell me if you look at just the el paso sector, that four years ago they had seized just one pound of fentanyl and yet now more than 41. that is a 400% increase. but we want to end the show on a program note. going to our control cam, take us to the control cam, if you will, robin. there you go. haste city halperin, our senior producer who's been with us since 2010 on this weekend show, she does this show which was
10:56 am
america's news headquarters, it's now" fox news live," she does "mediabuzz" with howie kurtz, she's moving on to greener pastures. we wish her the very best. her husband, jared, a national radio correspondent here that covers capitol hill and the white house as well. so we're losing a lacy, though we wish her the very, very best. she is just amazing. jacqui: absolutely. we've been so lucky to have her all time and, of course, wish her all the best as she moves on to the next chapter. griff: that's right. and, lacy, we may still text you if we have questions even though you're in your new job. [laughter] that doesn't ace leaveuate you -- jacqui: i see a thumbs up. griff: that's all for us this hour. "fox news live" will continue with eric and arthel. i'm griff jenkins. jacqui: and i'm jacqui heinrich. thanks so much for watching.
10:57 am
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eric: well, police across the country calling for support. in washington, d.c. that city's police chief says that he is fed up with the lack of resources to fight the soaring crime rate in the nation's capital punctuated by those terrifying shootouts outside a restaurant and a major league baseball game. chief robert contee says the force is about 200 officers short and that he's, quote, mad as hell about the justice system in the district. hello, everyone, and welcome to "fox news live." i'm eric shawn. hi, arthel. arthel: hello, everyone, i'm


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